An Industrial Recycler Offering Creative Solutions

Opening our doors in 1985, President, Nancy Miller built a successful coal brokerage firm catering to utilities and industrials throughout the Southeast. Since that time, we have vastly expanded our service area and have evolved into a supplier of various energy commodities and an industrial materials recycler. This organic growth speaks to our ability to meet our client’s evolving needs in an ever-changing market.






Nancy Miller - President








Dede Roberts - Accounting Manager






Nicole Chadwell - Sales Account Representative

As a business that is constantly challenged to think outside the box, we welcome the opportunity to consult with you, regardless of product or job size. We aim to be that company that recycles a material that you thought couldn’t be reused. We want to be the company that provides you with product and service at a noticeable cost savings.

Trusted Partnerships

Most importantly, we want to be your partner that provides a turn-key approach to energy commodity purchasing and delivery or material reuse and removal. These objectives are accomplished through Pincelli’s solid partnerships with commodity suppliers, byproduct end users, and transportation partners.

Please review our website for more information on services provided by Pincelli & Associates. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you. Please call us at 423.842.1396 or toll-free at 800.537.8538.